Wednesday, 9 April 2014

CSV Import using inbuilt library (CSV)

Importing a CSV from your local system

  • For importing the csv file from local file system, In your controller write require 'csv' at the top or in the action to include these classes.
  • And if you are importing a csv file from the server, then you have to write require 'csv' and
    require 'open-uri' in your controller.
  • Suppose you have saved the csv as-

    user_info.csv and open this file into texteditor
  • Then in your action write the code as follows:-

      csv_array_file ='/tmp/user_info.csv'), :col_sep => ',').each do |row|
        csv_array_file << row

  • You can also import the csv directly into the db as follows:-<local file path or remote file path>), :col_sep => <column seprator>).each do |row|
record = => row[0], :attr2 => row[1])!

  • end